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Company strategy


Building new core skills

We are continuously expanding our range of services so that, as a system supplier in the field of heat treatment and machining, as well as measurement services, we are abreast of market requirements.


Quality in the supply chain

In order to be completely aware of customer requirements, we are continuously developing our strategic partnerships through a systematic supplier management system.


Improving capabilities

To improve and continue to grow our market position, we are committed to a future programme of staff and technology development. Also in our sights: individual training, continuous qualification, open communication and encouraging employees‘ ideas, active networking and process development and its consolidation. This is how we ensure that we as a company are looking to the future and remain successful.


SYSTEMatically solving problems

As a service provider for heat treatment, machining and measuring services, we are a part of global supply routes and complex customer requirements. This requires a high level of methodological competence and interdisciplinary action from us in order to avoid errors and solve problems in a timely manner. In addition to quality systems, the milestones for systematic problem solving are digital networking and knowledge management.


Resources in a nutshell

For current technical and commercial developments, consideration of environmental effects and sustainable actions are essential for us as an energyintensive company. The key to these topics is in the informed use of all resources and continuous investment in energy and environmental projects. We are also aware of our social responsibility towards our workforce. Our code of conduct is binding for us and our partners.