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We at Hanomag Heat Treatment Group understand social responsibility as the basic principle of our system of values and our social interaction with different interest groups. We motivate our employees to see themselves as ambassadors of the company and to loyally follow our guiding principles.

Our strategic objectives are based on the three-pillar model of sustainability, that is, our goal is an equal ecological, economic and social responsibility.


A hardening plant is a very energy-intensive business enterprise, and that is why we are continuously endeavouring to find active ways to sustainably handle energy.
The region of Hanover and the enercity AG support companies to improve their energy efficiency with the OEKOPROFIT ENERGIE HANNOVER network.
The Hanomag Heat Treatment Group has been actively engaged in this network since 2016 and develops practicable measures for the headquarters in Hanover that reduce our effect on the environment and at the same time help to save energy costs.
The goal of the network in the current project is to reduce the energy consumption in all participating companies by at least 5 %.



The Hanomag Heat Treatment Group has invested in energy efficient light fixtures at its sites. After changing from HQL to LED lighting, the focus lies on developing new lighting concepts including the use of DALI control technology.
The first projects carried out at the sites in Hanover and in Wernigerode are already showing the positive results that were planned. A significant improvement in working conditions has been achieved by the revised workplace lighting. Lighting concepts that have already been developed for the sites at Gommern, Gevelsberg and Berlin should soon be realised.

The Wernigerode site is being supported in its lighting project by the “European fund for regional development” with a 25% sponsorship.


The Hanomag Heat Treatment Group is one of the largest and most important sports sponsors for water polo and swimming in the region of Hanover.

We understand mass sport as an important way of bringing society together, which is why we are actively supporting the traditional Hanover swimming and water polo association “SV Wasserfreunde 1898 Hannover e.V.”

Sport is not only healthy; it also promotes team spirit, tolerance, integration and creates role models.

Our sport promotion is concentrated on developing adolescent and young talent, particularly in the niche sport of water polo. We make it possible for young persons to train and be successful at international level.


We participate in the “hannover firmenlauf”, sending all employees who have the desire and the time on the beautiful course in the town park beside the Hanover Congress Centre.

As a medium-sized company, the Hanomag Heat Treatment Group is very pleased about every employee who participates, thus representing “Hanomag” in Hanover.

This feeling of togetherness is intensified by running together and also partly by training. Our employees have the possibility of making new interdepartmental contacts outside their hierarchies and of getting to know each other better.

It’s a great event and next year we will certainly be there at the starting line.