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The Hanomag Heat Treatment Group has focused on heat treatment of aluminium components for over 30 years. We have the expertise and the experience.

We will improve your product.




Due to its low density and very good strength properties, aluminium is the preferred material for lightweight construction, for both rail and road as well as for aviation. This applies for both cast and formed components. Depending on the application, the targeted properties are high strength and ductility in the chassis area and structure, as well as thermal resilience in the region of the motor.

The basic prerequisites for these properties are determined by chemical composition, metallurgical treatment and casting procedure. However, heat treatment has a particularly significant impact on the characteristics of the casting.



We support your product intensively and with precision from the prototype phase through to the start of production, so that we will be a reliable supplier for you duringproduction. We would like to gain experience together with you prior to the start of production, which is why sampling under production-like conditions is very important and is the basis of every long-term co-operation for us.

We at the Hanomag Heat Treatment Group see ourselves as development partners with foundries and as a reliable production supplier for automobile manufacturers.

Achievable conditions for all heat-treatable cast or wrought alloys


  • T6 Solution annealed and artificially aged with water and/or air quenching
  • T64 Solution annealed and only partially artificially aged with water and/or air quenching
  • T7 Solution annealed and overaged with water and/or air quenching

Technische Ausstattung 


  • 9 Roller-hearth installations with air and water quenching
  • 3 Chamber furnaces with water quenching


At the end of the manufacturing process, the required specifications are monitored, evaluated and documented in our in-house quality control system. In this way we guarantee long-term consistent quality of your products.

The following testing options are available in our quality control system:

  • Brinell and Leeb hardness tests
  • Penetration test (PT)
  • X-ray (RT)
  • Tensile testing including sample manufacturing
  • Distortion measurement
    • Test gauges
    • Handheld laser scanners (Zeiss T-Scan CS)