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The Hanomag Heat Treatment Group has been certified company-wide since 2006 in accordance with IATF 16949 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. All business processes conform to the requirements of our customers from the automobile industry and many other branches.
As a management team, we provide the necessary human resources, investments as well as suitable training programs. As far as quality is concerned, we make no difference between the local customer and a global player.

As management and as employees of the Hanomag Heat Treatment Group, we have the common goal of continuing to improve our customers’ products through the careful use of heat treatment.
For you that means:

1. We set ourselves a “zero-defect” target
2. We know that a heat treatment:

  • is qualitatively appropriate,
  • is delivered on time and
  • has a very good price-performance ratio that will guarantee satisfaction for our customers.

An optimal heat treatment of your products ensures our jobs and positive economic development. This means that in future we will also be a reliable partner.

We are committed to evaluating and presenting the quality of our daily work in the form of specific performance indicators.

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