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As a hardening plant, we at the Hanomag Heat Treatment Group are well aware that we have an extremely high energy and raw material demand when carrying out our heat treatment processes. We know that the CO2 footprint that we leave is not small.

For this reason we are committed to carrying out our processes in compliance with requirements, safely, and in an environmentally friendly and energy efficient manner. The energy and natural resource consumption of our processes and technologies are optimised so that we can monitor and continuously reduce the impact on the environment.
Each heat treatment process is evaluated according to its impact on the environment and its influence on our energy consumption.

When purchasing, we have specified that whenever economically and qualitatively justifiable, energy-efficient products and services are preferred.
Through our cooperation with professional associations and technology suppliers, we implement internal projects for saving, recycling and substituting hazardous materials.

Environmental protection and the considerate handling of energy are essential elements of our corporate philosophy. The Hanomag Heat Treatment Group is certified across all our locations according to DIN ISO 14001:2015.

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