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Verena P. Employee in central reception and in accounting

Why did you decide to work for Hanomag Heat Treatment Group?

When I was enquiring about Hanomag Heat Treatment Group, it soon became clear to me, that the heat treatment service was a special technical niche that not everyone mastered. For me it is very important that the company in which I work is active in an interesting and future-oriented sector. I am happy to be a part of a unique and very well-known company for many people in Northern Germany.

What jobs do you like most in your department?

I am an outgoing sort of person, which is why I decided after my training to work in the central reception at Hanomag Heat Treatment Group. In reception I am the first point of contact for our visitors. With my experience and knowledge of the company, It really gives me pleasure to help our customers and suppliers. The diverse range of work and the continuous contact with people make every day unique. In addition, I am also responsible for the accounts, so that besides reception, I can also make use of and further my skills in bookkeeping.  

What do you particularly appreciate about your company/employer?

A secure professional future is important to me. After I successfully finished training to be an industrial clerk, I was offered a contract of employment of indefinite duration and various possibilities were shown to me for my professional career at Hanomag Heat Treatment Group. My wishes and personal strengths were taken into consideration for the job offers that were available. Hanomag Heat Treatment Group is growing steadily, so that there are always new possibilities and tasks for the employees. I really appreciate that since the beginning of my training in 2006, I have always been able to develop further and I am a contented employee.