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The Solution-Nitriding process - in short SolNit - is the surface nitriding of rust and acid-resistant steels. The dispersion of active nitrogen produces high nitrogen, austenitic or martensitic surface layers on near-net shape components with a high level of hardness, favourable residual stress and excellent corrosion properties.

The process is carried out in vacuum facilities at temperatures between 1050 and 1150 °C in a pure nitrogen atmosphere at a pressure of a few hundred millibar. The nitriding depths can vary between 0.10 mm and several millimetres. The process is used, for example, in the sector of plastics processing, transmission components, roller bearings for turbines, pumps, valves or surgical instruments.

In the Hanomag Heat Treatment Group, the SolNit process takes place in a single chamber vacuum furnace at the site in Gommern. The furnace chamber is 910 mm wide, 1220 mm long and 910 mm high. The maximum batch weight is 1500 kg

Benefits of the SolNit process

  • Higher corrosion resistance
  • Significantly higher hardnesses
  • Improved wear resistance
  • High residual compressive stress in the surface layer
  • Higher cavitation and erosion resistance
  • Reduced coefficient of friction
  • Low scuffing