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The Hanomag hardening plant offers you the best possible quality and shortest possible lead times as well as the related competitive prices for all downstream processes after casting. It is important to us is to support our customers from the planning stage through to the finished product.

We improve your product!



Manual or fully automatic straightening of your components is integrated in our heat treatment process. Familiarity with the whole production chain of your product allows us to prepare a component-specific straightening concept. Critical positions are measured and then brought into the required form with the aid of straightening plants.

With a good straightening concept, we guarantee problem-free running of downstream production steps. With the aid of optimisation automation concepts, we can design a fully automatic straightening process for large-scale series, which will make the overall process faster and more efficient.


The penetration test according to ISO 3452 specifies a procedure for finding defects such as cracks, overlaps, folds, pores and lack of fusion, which open towards the surface of the material to be checked. In this non-destructive test, the component is cleaned and then immersed in or sprayed with a penetrant. The penetrant remains in the imperfections after rinsing. The product defects are then made visible after developing and drying with the aid of UV light. With this test process we discover defects that could lead to the failure of the component.


In the X-ray inspection, the component is inspected in X-ray machine by a trained X-ray tester using a defect catalogue. Internal defects such as pores, shrinkages and inclusions can be detected with this procedure.



The fettling process frees castings from moulding and core sands. The sprue and the riser are separated and sanded. Customer wishes and requirements on the later finished part are already taken into account at the fine cleaning stage.



Fittings, drillings, graded surfaces and threads are manufactured on cast components during mechanical processing.

We offer mechanical processing of aluminium components from the prototype stage through to series production.

With the use of diverse CNC machines and the most up-to-date control technology, we can manufacture workpieces with high reproducibility even when the forms are complex.


Blast cleaning removes contaminants on the surfaces of cast workpieces. We will provide you with blasting machines in different sizes.



Reliable delivery dates characterise Hanomag Heat Treatment Group as an “all-round service provider”. We work flexibly with international shipping companies or transport your products with our own lorries to the correct destination. We always look for the most inexpensive transport solution.