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Our production process is matched as best as possible to your component. We will also be pleased to take over process steps for you that go beyond heat treatment itself. We execute upstream and downstream process steps with precision, cleanliness and with a good price-performance ratio.


Component cleaning between the individual processing steps or prior to assembly is becoming increasingly important. In the Hanomag Heat Treatment Group we have a wide range of cleaning facilities and washing agents in use. We will find the qualitatively best solution for your product.


The whole product does not always have to be hardened. We have various accessories (e.g. pastes, covers) that protect clearly defined areas on your component from the heat treatment. We ensure that your product is partially hardened, corresponding to its future application.


Even the most modern heat treatment processes cannot prevent colour changes, oxides, scale and hardening residues from casting and forged products.

For this reason, the Hanomag Heat Treatment Group preferably carries out blast cleaning after the case hardening procedure. We deliver clean components.


Heat treatment without dimensional and form changes is physically not possible. We recommend testing the distortion behaviour of your components. Sometimes a higher grinding allowance is the best solution or your component is manually or fully automatically straightened following heat treatment. We ensure that your product can be installed without any problems.


Reliable delivery dates characterise Hanomag Heat Treatment Group as an “all-round service provider”. We work flexibly with international shipping companies or transport with our own lorries your products to the correct destination. We are always looking for the most inexpensive transport solution.